About Us

Society for Law & Economics

The Society for Law and Economics (SOCLE) is an endeavor undertaken by the members to realize the collective objective of exploring the esoteric academic potential. ‘Law and Economics’, as a discipline, can solve myriad questions that warrant a unique approach. Ranging from universal global issues to demography specific challenges, the said approach seems to take inspiration from early 18th Century concepts and aims to bring forth exclusive insights using positive and normative analyses. The Society, fathoming the unrealized possibilities that stem out of ‘Law and Economics’, wishes to continue the same by organizing a plethora of activities and events.

The Logo

The logo for the Society for Law and Economics was created, taking into view the combination of two fields – Law and Economics.
The words that are bold, highlight the primary focal areas wherein the Soft Italics represents the relationship between them. The Vertical Line indicates the field of Economics: the Length of the line for the ‘Macro’ whereas the Width for the ‘Micro’ branch. The Greek Parthenon, a symbol for the Athenian Democracy here, represents the field of Law. All constituents put in together represent what the Society is – an amalgamation!